Today I heard a lot of congratulations. Literally, that word–“congratulations.” From the Latin word con meaning together, and gratulari, meaning giving thanks and showing joy. Congratulations. Together, let us give thanks and be joyful.

For parents who went above and beyond this weekend but also all the time, every day. For the couple who made us family when we came to the U.S. For the stars that spot the sky and the dark, weaving Virginia roads. For today, and for God’s mercy to show me joy and peace and all the celebratory congratulations.

Tonight I cannot sleep. It’s not too unusual… Since I was a kid I’ve spent plenty of nights awake on my bed for far too long. (Let’s face it, I love my bed.) But tonight I’m not in it for the silence of the house or the book I can’t put down or the conversations with myself and my God. Tonight is the last night of this chapter, the end of this era. I want to savor it like the last piece of kofta in the pan, the last bite of cheesecake on the plate.

Tonight I want to remember every time I got tangled up in worries and thought maybe there’d be nothing to congratulate me for in 2015. Every mountain that felt a little too steep, every valley that came up a little too fast, every jungle that stood a little too thick. And every bit of it, the ugly, the hard, the forgettably boring–every bit of it wonderful.

A marvelous thing because this broken road was blessed by God, my little to be faithful over. Now I turn it in, a new tree to prune and grow around the corner.

My congratulations to the Class of 2015.


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