Things for which we (all too often) forget to give thanks

That whole “giving thanks for all things, concerning all things, and in everything” phrase is good, but it’s just no replacement for telling Him the specifics.

  1. Ice cream
  2. Busy work
  3. Closed doors
  4. Free stuff
  5. Colors and eyes to see them
  6. Smells and a nose to sniff them
  7. Tastes and a tongue to enjoy them
  8. Touches and hands to feel them
  9. Good weather
  10. Ability to control the “weather” inside
  11. Refraining from blotting us off the earth when we are snarky/complaining/otherwise rude to Him
  12. Beds
  13. Cold water
  14. Working extremities (from legs to toes and arms to fingers)
  15. Roofs that don’t leak
  16. Roofs that you can sit on
  17. Memories
  18. Friends

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