The Real Wisdom Life Method

“Will I one day thank God even for the sins, the abuse, the problems? Yes. Because He will use everything that I went through for His glory, in the end. One day, I’ll give thanks for that. Wow. It was worth it.

One last thing before we conclude. Very practical. We want to run away from generalization and find out the buttons. If they are ten, you don’t understand what we’ve talked about. Five at most. We want to work on one thing at a time. Specifically, every year God wants to work on one thing in my life. That’s why the church calendar goes through a year. From Nayrouz until Advent is discovering what God wants to work in me. Then Advent, God want to be born in me to fix this area. Then Lent, God wants to put this to death this part. Resurrection, He wants to put His life in me. Apostles Fast and Holy Spirit, to use this for His glory and take me to a deeper level in the spiritual life. So every year, what is the one thing God is working on this year. That’s how you notice the grace and can monitor.

Generalization? Generalization takes away the grace of God, the strength. You pray for patience? You can’t measure it. It was haphazard. Versus every year growing in something.

God doesn’t have ADD. He works on something, completes it, and then works on the next thing.”

–Selection from a sermon of my FoC that I was asked to transcribe one day this past summer. What a beautiful set-up from the Church on how to live life every year!


One thought on “The Real Wisdom Life Method

  1. One day is year to the Lord and one year is a day to Lord.
    Advent to Nayrose might all happen in one day multiple times

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