7 Signs I Would Point Out To My First-Year Self

I still sometimes ignore these signs on the Good Ole College Road, but I gotta admit, I wish someone had pointed these out to me. Somehow hearing “it goes by so fast” and “these are the best years of your life” in a thousand different voices wasn’t incredibly useful 😉


1. CHANGE. You won’t change unless you open yourself up to it. You don’t suddenly become a party girl or a crazy awesome risk taker. Nor do you suddenly become a confident innovator and loving friend. Just like high school, you will make decisions and those decisions will define you. So make decisions towards the person you want to be. Growing involves change. Don’t be afraid of it.


2. IT GETS BETTER. The first weeks of college will not be your favorite weeks. The first semester doesn’t contain the peake of college either and thank God. Second semester is better, and third semester is even better, and fourth semester is even better. The work gets harder but the worker gets smarter, and feels less alone, and makes friends she never could have imagined that laugh with her through all of it.


3. TAKE CHANCES. Volunteer for things. Audition for parts. Sign up for listserves. Sure, you might ignore 90% of the emails and drop out of half the activities you signed up for at the Activities Fair, but who cares? It just takes one connection to turn into one opportunity to turn into one job. The person you audition for might end up being your “walking home at night” friend. The professor you hate might give you the most resume-worthy accomplishment you needed.


4. TRUST GOD. Nudge worrying into trusting. Worrying is really dumb, and it only makes you feel weaker to indulge in it. Nudge that fear of the unknown into a chance to trust the Master of the Even the Unknown.


5. DON’T TRUST THE CURVE, JUST SCORE HIGH. Stop hoping everyone else fails so you can “beat the curve.” Do your best, score high, and let God take care of the letter grade. Start praying these people know what they are doing because they are the people trying to build you bridges and surgery robots and in general improve the standard of living and save lives.


6. BE THANKFUL. A B is a good grade. A C isn’t the end of the world. Thank God for a passing grade and stop complaining.


7. BE CONFIDENT. Don’t let anyone make you feel stupid, not other students and not professors. They have no idea what your destiny holds and neither do you. You are made in the image of God, and you never claimed to get your strength from anywhere else.


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