A shoutout snack.


This is a shoutout to our Jewish brothers and sisters  for their fabulous Hamantaschen. This is also called a shoutout snack because it’s so delicious it will make you shout out for joy.

With St. Mary’s fast (St. Mary was Jewish too! Isn’t this snack appropriate?)  too close to eat much of anything (besides the leftovers in the fridge), this is a recipe for the next two weeks.

Hamantaschen for one (from May I Have That Recipe)

4 tbsp flour
pinch of baking powder
pinch of salt
2 tbsp oil
2 tbsp soy milk
Enough oil to coat the pan
capful lemon juice (about 1 tbsp)
handful Walnuts
handful Cranberries
1 tsp Minced onion
1 tsp Sugar

Mix the first 5 ingredients. Knead the dough, adding flour or water as necessary to help it stick together and not stick to you.

Preheat the oven to 375 F.

Coat the pan in oil and heat it up until you get impatient. Add the minced onion (I literally just had those onion flake things. No big deal, it was delicious.) Then add as much spinach as you think you want, plus some more (spinach shrinks… as I forget every single time). Let the spinach cook for a moment. Add lemon juice, salt, cranberries, crushed walnuts, and let that cook for about 100 seconds.

Now roll the dough into a fat snake, cut off rounds and flatten them (I didn’t make mine very flat… just enough that it could take the filling.) Hope that your filling has cooled enough and spoon it onto the rounds. Now, pull up the “corners” of the round and fold over, making triangles.

clumsilydoneClumsy is like a zero. As in Clumsy + Delicious = Delicious

Bake in a pan that’s been oiled/dusted with flour or PAMmed or parchment papered for 20-25 minutes at 375, which should already be preheated, unless you skipped that step (SHAME. Enjoy waiting while other people will be eating in 20 minutes.)

Voila! I have never been so careful to eat every last piece of spinach before, but cooked in this way? YUM. You better believe I cleared the plate! The pastry part is amazing too. When deciding what to make the day I made these, I asked my roommate if cooking other religion’s food was sacrilegious (you know, like prasada?).

“Of course not.” She paused. “Unless you mean sacri-licious.”

I guess that is what I meant 😉

voilaNot as closed up as a hamantaschen, but still yummy.


4 thoughts on “A shoutout snack.

  1. I was really trying to figure out why anyone would bother with the spinach. Then I realized you have baked up the perfect snack: carbs, veggie, fruit, protein, calcium (tiny bit of soy milk!). Yep.

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