God, the Creator.

Before He started His miracle-making mission towards the cross, Jesus had a job. Like His father, He was a carpenter. Like His Father, He was Creator, Designer, and Builder. It’s no brilliant insight to say it: God is creative. Sometimes, though, we gloss over the word. The creed spills out of us so quickly that we barely have time to enunciate all the syllables: Pantocrator. 

I just want to say the word a little more slowly, to marvel a little more carefully at His creation, for it is brilliant.

maldivesFallen stars sparkling on the shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives.
boliviaThe Bolivian Salt Desert after rain, when the ground becomes a perfect mirror of the sky.
eagleEven gas and dust are remarkable. In particular when exploding from a stellar nursery.

I can’t put a fraction of all the incredible photographs. Even if I could, there are things that simply can’t be properly pictured. Hypervelocity stars. Brine rivers deep in the ocean. Black holes. DNA. Nerve synapses. The beauty of mathematics needs its own internet. The mystery of gravity needs its own university.

The most startling thing is that the same Maker of All of the Above and More, the great IAM, created us, and said we were “made in His image,” and called us to be His masterpiece, and His son took our form–not just for 33 years–but Christ in (glorified) human form unto the end. 

We, the people on a mote of dust suspended.

We, the inhabitants of the pale blue dot.


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