Welcome to Happy Right Now.


I am greedy for happiness. Like that girl in that commercial: “I want more, I want more.” (You know you know what I’m talking about, despite the overall vagueness of that description.)

More every day wide smiles, more occasional side-splitting laughter, more overwhelming peace-that-passes-understanding. I want the joy that the Christ-like figure in our lives has, that person we always thought reached an unattainable level of Christianity. I want to reach the out-of-reach.

I want to be HAPPIER!

I’ve lived a life of exponentially increasing blessing. Despite what the cynics (realists, pshhhh) say, I happen to know that my life will end up with happily ever after. So what’s the big deal? The big deal is I’m too impatient to wait a whole 10 minutes before taking cookies out of the oven (seven and a half is underdone deliciousness… come to think of it, dough right out of the bowl is perfectly tasty). I’m definitely not hanging around waiting for ever after.

I’ve also seen my share of success. You would think that sure, happiness isn’t directly related to success, but it must have some bearing. At least my insecurity should decrease and happy will fall into place, right? But though success is nice, and certainly feels better than failure, it is never enough to eradicate a stubborn insecurity, and it is definitely never satisfying. (Of course, lazing about is worse than either success or failure.)

Now I’m trying sunshine.

As college students, we’ve all heard of care packages. Sunshine boxes are yellow care packages for summertime. Or hot pink bags stuffed with loving, delicious things that are brightly red and yellow (I didn’t have an appropriate size box…) One of my closest friends is going through a tough time, and (like me) she doesn’t really like to talk about it. She wants to be by herself. As much as I understand that, I can’t help but worry about her. It wasn’t exactly easy coming up with things that she likes which are also yellow (#FWP), but in the end, compromising yellow and red, I think I found an arrangement that will suit her.

sunshinebagcontentsSunshine can be sort of reddish too, right?

I’m smiling just thinking about her smiling. She’s going to love the jelly beans especially. Plus I gave her Duncan Hines to bake, and that’s just the cake under the icing.

This week’s Happy Right Now experiment: make someone a sunshine box.

Hypothesis: Sunshine has a way of reflecting back to you.

I’ll let you know how it goes, but of course, you’re welcome to join me. Experiment is verified by repetition, eh?


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Happy Right Now.

  1. I really like the picture … very great idea (ops sorry Hypothesis) , will give it a try (oops sorry will experiment) .. one thing for sure your friend is lucky to have you

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